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You can get a PDF copy of Don't Feed the Bully for only $2.00 by clicking the Buy Now button. It is a great way to read the book before purchasing a classroom set, or books for the entire school. And guess what? Books purchased for classroom reading are only $2.00 per book, or maybe free, when we do a program!  

Very Important!! After your purchase you should be directed to the page to open and download the PDF. IF not,  please, email or call me at any time.


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These videos are perfect for classroom viewing. They are quick and easy to follow. Pay them again and again.

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Don't Feed the Bully/Ernie Song

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You can purchase and automatically download the audio book of Don't Feed the Bully and bonus track "Ernie" for only $6.99! You may download and listen to the first 12 chapters and the Appendix for FREE!!  Click below.

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I'm Gonna Write That Down

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Don't Feed the Bully

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