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Don't Feed the Bully

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I'm Gonna Write That Down

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Don't Feed the Bully/Ernie Song

Audio Book on MP3

You can purchase and automatically download the audio book of Don't Feed the Bully and bonus track "Ernie" for only $6.99! You may download and listen to the first 12 chapters and the Appendix for FREE!!  Click below.

Kindle copy

These videos are perfect for classroom viewing. They are quick and easy to follow. Pay them again and again.

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Don't Feed the Bully PDF 

Only $2.00

You can get a PDF copy of Don't Feed the Bully for only $2.00 by clicking the Buy Now button. It is a great way to read the book before purchasing a classroom set, or books for the entire school. And guess what? Books purchased for classroom reading are only $2.00 per book, or maybe free, when we do a program!  

Very Important!! After your purchase you should be directed to the page to open and download the PDF. IF not,  please, email or call me at any time.


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