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1. Chapter summary guide for Don't Feed the Bully. Explains each chapter for help with students who might need to get back on track with reading if it takes a longer time to finish the book.

2. Study Guide for Don't Feed the Bully. Teachers/educators question and lead for your discussion.

3. Thesis, I'm Gonna Write That Down: Research on Bullying and Recognition of Perception Toward Initiation of Intervention a Whole-School Approach to Bringing All Stakeholders' Perceptions on Bullying in Line and Training Students to Distinguish Tattling From Reporting in Grades 3-6. Download from TopScholar. This is all the research on the program. FINAL VERSION.

4. I'm Gonna Write That Down Overview and Steps: This PDF will give you a great preview of what this program entails and how it will help your school. Read it first! 

5. Sample Primary Bullying Form: This is an incident report with pictures and large print for grades k-2. Ask me for an editable version. 

6. Sample I'm Gonna Write That Down Incident Report: This is the full version. 

7. Sample Parent Letter: This is the letter used by Horizon elementary. Construct one based on your individual needs. 

8. Sample Bullying Survey: This is the Pen and Ink version every school should give to students at the beginning and end of each year. It will give you incredible information.

9. Sample Parent Information Sheet: A sample of a sheet you can sent parents for information and to alert them that the program is being implemented. 

10. Sample Bully Free Declaration: A sample of a declaration that students can sign to understand the requirements of the school. 

"Thank you very much for an excellent conference. The positive feedback from the teachers and students was extraordinary. We all felt the combination of the book and video conference really made the story, and its message, come alive for the students."

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These Files are PDF versions: I have editable versions that you can tailor to your school. JUST ASK llessat@aol.com

I'm Gonna Write That Down

  • Whole school program
  • Extensive research
  • 100% stakeholders
  • Solution based perception model read more

Video Conferencing School Visits & Programs

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Get the entire program and all materials and research for less than a Carmel Frappe and donut, and you can virtually eliminate bullying in your elementary school .

Don't Feed the Bully

The bestselling/award winning novel for teens and preteens that will change their lives forever!  read more

Solution and researched based interventions