"You did an outstanding job today (as I knew you would)!!  We loved connecting with you.  The students really were listening to your every word........and we are sure that you made a difference to many of them!  You are entertaining and very energetic!  Keep up the good work.  We look forward to seeing you again!!"

Joanne Jones
Technical Specialist
Hempfield High School
joanne_jones@hempfieldsd org

Either LIVE in the classroom or LIVE via Video Conference, Brad Tassell and Don't Feed the Bully are the most relevant, useful, and fun solution for any school wishing best practices and results for you district needs. And more importantly the needs of your students, faculty, and staff.


The programs follow all national guidelines and state mandates.


"Just wanted to say "Thank You" for scheduling this video conference for me; I am amazed at how much my students love Brad/book/process!  (They wanted to miss P.E. for the conference -- I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone).  My Read 180 students are volunteering to read orally~~simply amazing!!" Cathy Gambel English Language Arts & Read 180 Champ Cooper School



When your class, school, or group uses my programs the books are almost always free or at cost. (Which is $2.00 per book!) They have to read them! Some Schools have received hundreds of FREE BOOKS! Some thousands at $2.00. 

Don't Feed the Bully is a fictional detective story aimed at boys 10-14, although, anyone who can read will love this funny and meaningful story.  Hannibal Greatneck III, detective, sixth grade student, or Handy to his friends, walks into William B. Travis elementary and finds a cage in the middle of the classroom.  The school has dealt with its bully problem by handing over all the power to another bully.  Handy must find the clues, outwit the villains, and return control of William B. Travis back to the students and faculty.  The story is a funny one with hilarious and serious undertones, but with great purpose:

1.  To get boys 10-14 to love reading by putting a book into their hands that is funny for them, plus has great lessons that they can easily understand and apply.

2.  A comforting ally in their own struggle with bullying.  They can see others have dealt with the problems and realities they are dealing with everyday from their fear of confrontation to the ignorance and apathy of most teachers and staff.

3.  To give them a few steps to master that will help quell the bully tide.  Plus, more in-depth help if they and their school system wants to truly help the cause of bullying.

All educators please read: More than 6000 students grades 5-8 read Don't Feed the Bully in the classroom each year. Those reading the book and having an Author Reading or Special Discussion conference have commented consistently that it is one of the greatest educational opportunities of their lives.  This is strong stuff.  You will learn about moving the bully target, building empathy, explore genre, develop critical thinking, skills, examine character, simile, and metaphor, and they will love reading more. 

Don't Feed the Bully

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