Major Publications

Tassell, J., Tassell. B., (2012) Your Child's Gifts: Recognition and Documentation, KAGE update.

Tassell, B. & Tassell, J. L. (2012). Stepping up: Teacher tips to stop bullying. In J. Roberts & J.
Jolly (Eds.), A teacher’s guide to working with children & families  
from diverse backgrounds (pp. 71-82). Waco, TX: Prufrock Press. 

Mannion A., Tassell, B., & Ludwig, T. (2008). Support Steps: How Teachers Can Prevent Bullying.  Edutopia Magazine.  

Tassell, B., (November 2006) Don’t Feed The Bully, Llessat Publishing an imprint of AND BOOKS.

Conference presentations

Tassell, B., & Decker, T. (Feb., 2014). Presented Research, National Conference on Bullying, Orlando, FL.

Tassell, B. (March, 2013). Keynote address Idaho State Conference on Education, Sun Valley, ID.

Tassell, B. (Jan., 2012). Keynote and Featured Speaker, Indiana Association for Gifted Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Tassell, B., (Nov., 2011).  National Association for Gifted Children Convention, New Orleans, LA.


Eight Pinnacle awards, Two Highest Honors (2009-2015)

Teachers’ Favorite, Don’t Feed the Bully program, Barrien Springs RESA (2012)

Top Choice for Best Reviewed Novel, Don’t Feed the Bully, (2007)

  • Don't Feed the Bully 
  • Special Author Discussion Don't Feed the Bully
  • Author Reading of Don't Feed the Bully
  • Bullying Fun
  • Motivational Time Out! 
  •  Professional Development for Educators and Others
  • "I'm Gonna Write That Down" whole-school program

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"Reading the novel and participating in the conference with Brad assisted us n learning and teaching the standards outlined by our Federal, State, and District departments because we analyzed it in more depth than we would have if we simply read it and discussed it in the classroom setting only. Conferencing with Brad allowed us to discover the different layers of meaning that are within the novel so that we could make connections to our real lives."

Patsy Lewis, Fort Bend School District

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"Our students were greatly impacted, the only wish was that more students could have participated. the students are making connections to real life and are still talking about how unexpectedly cool and engaging it was with Mr. Brad Tassell. Additionally, during their leisure time I hear students telling other students their suggestions for how to handle bullies."

Ellisha Newton, Hodges Bend Middle School, TX


About Us

Brad Tassell, M.A.E, education and behavioral science.


Is the best-selling/award winning author of the novel Don't Feed the Bully, and six time Pinnacle award winning presenter and speaker. He has also created the whole school program, I'm Gonna Write that Down, which creates 100% stakeholders in school, and changes the culture and atmosphere from victimization to empowerment. Mr. Tassell is also an award winning comedian who has traveled the world for almost 3 decades working with the likes of Jay Leno, Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy. He headlines comedy clubs and was Carnival Cruise lines highest rated comedian. He also spent years researching bullying and completing his masters degree. No one engages students better, brings stronger solutions for bullying, and brings all types of educators and parents on board because his interventions are best practice for bullying education. Brad is also the perfect choice for Professional development, conferences, keynotes, etc. because he brings 27 years of comedy stage experience along with extensive research. 


Brad's programs have been 100% positively evaluated for more than three years.

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