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I just did a full interview with the WKU Center for Gifted Studies Executive Administrator Josh Raymer. This is powerful information. Very funny! If you have ANY interest in bullying issues, this is a must! Just click below and start listening, or download it.

Brad Tassell, M.A.E. behavior science and education, is the best selling award winning author and comedian  learn more

Our goal is simple: To create 100% stakeholders in every school by using fun, useful, solutions to any bullying problem, and creating total student engagement. 


The Don't Feed the Bully programs and novel not only change students lives in helping move the bully target, building empathy, and even saving lives, it is one of the greatest educational moments of their lives! Did we say, "LIVES" enough to make a point?

Real Solutions! Real Fun! Real Education! 

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"A combination of reading his book, and video conferencing with Mr.Tassell proved to be an insightful experience for my 6th
grade class! He taught them about life lessons about bullying and how to handle yourself in an awkward bullying situation. The 6th graders are now armed with appropriate strategies to handle themselves. His brilliant strategies will be used in my healthclasses. So engaging, full of positive energy, humorous, knowledgeable, and full of life! It achieved my goals and expectations for my students."

Molly Slenker, Incarnate Word School

Brad Tassell 

Many of you met me on a Carnival cruise, where I work as a comedian. They are very supportive of my work with bullying. They help me keep most of my materials and work FREE or at a minimal cost by paying me for comedy. If you are thinking of a vacation, Carnival is a great idea! Click above. I do not get paid for this, by the way.  :)

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Don't Feed the Bully

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Solution and researched based interventions

I'm Gonna Write That Down

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